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When you compare their'll buy an EARTH! Join the ranks of completely satisfied users of Earth Outdoor Wood Furnaces. The Earth 1/2" Thick Firebox and sturdy construction will provide safe, reliable heat to your home for years and years to come.

  • The water tank is 10 gauge (1/8" thick.) Nothing is made light or cheap in an Earth Furnace.
  • The Earth Cylinder Firebox is 1/2" Thick (not "almost" as some advertise). Most other companies use 1/4" thick. Earth is twice as thick!
  • The Earth Furnace has a Heavy Duty door hinge to prevent warping.
  • The weight of a furnace is the #1 issue you should compare. What do comparable BTU's weigh?


  • Save money on your heatings costs for your home and hot water
  • Keeps home insurance costs down by installing the furnace outside the home
  • Affordable furnace prices


  • 1/2" thick cylinder firebox!
  • Greater and longer heat transfer!
  • Quality tested and inspected
  • Built to last for generations: right and tight!


  • Easy to insall and operate
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Burns efficiently
  • Simple design: no complex mechanisms to break down


  • 25 year guarantee to the purchaser
  • Parts easily available from your local hardware store
  • Handy water check and overflow
  • Digital thermometer, blower fan, light and water fill valve system


  • No pressurized water jacket (non-sealed water system) means no explosions!
  • No wood, dirt or bugs inside your home
  • Fire is outside and away from your home and furnishings

All these features + a variety of colors = Satisfaction!

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